A Sentinel is by definition, a guard or lookout.  Maintaining their vigil day and night, through wind, rain snow and heat.               

In many ways, similar to the trees in our unique Australian landscape.  Standing watch over the bush, bearing silent witness, potentially holding us accountable to our treatment of the Earth.

Australia boasts some of the widest diversity of timbers and habitats in the world, including several of the hardest timbers known.  Surviving one of the harshest environments on Earth, they are known to sacrifice limbs to preserve the tree and some actually requiring bushfires to germinate.  Their resilience in how they have adapted to the Australian landscape is a testament to their strength and fortitude.  Even in death, their fallen timbers provide sanctuary and shelter to many native animals.

As a tribute to these unique and beautiful timbers, MxM is proud to introduce the Sentinel Range of timbercraft items.

Sourced from our piece of bushland in the Granite Belt Region of Southern Queensland.  Each year I select a small number of unique pieces of fallen timber from which to make a few special, unique items.

Each piece of timber is carefully monitored throughout the year to ensure that no native animal is being displaced.  They are then gently cleaned and preserved using natural oils before being made into stunning feature pieces to adorn your home or office.

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