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As a former Australian Soldier and Police Officer, I have witnessed and experienced many tragedies and suffered mental trauma as a result.  Following my diagnosis for Post-Traumatic Stress, and during subsequent and ongoing treatment, I am learning that many survivors of trauma develop an adversity to the dark.  Many leave a household light on or use a child-like night light in the bedroom during the darkest hours, to feel a certain level of comfort, to feel safe enough to sleep.  Unfortunately many state that  these coping methods actually increases the stigma and isolation they feel as it is such an overt sign of the scars they endure.

To help survivors like myself, I have developed the Guardian Glow Night Light.  These unique, handcrafted pieces are designed to look like a beautiful piece of art for your house.  The smaller lights conceal a soft glowing electronic candle which provides a warm, discreet light without drawing unwanted attention.  Larger lights can be made with either electronic candles or LED string lights imbedded within the resin.  Each Travel Light runs on replaceable AA or AAA batteries, which means no chords or cables to limit their placement or again, draw unnecessary attention.  Larger lights have a USB powered light installed.

Guardian Light - small / travel buddy
Guardian Light - small / travel buddy
Cherry and Amber Resin
Guardian Light (Medium)
Guardian Light
Guardian Light - Medium
Guardian Light (Medium)
Guardian Light Large Blue
Guardian Light Large Blue
Guardian Lights
Guardian Lights 2

Each unique piece is hand crafted from recycled timber, 100yr old fence posts cut by hand, fallen logs laying silently in the bush of the Granite Belt and individual pieces saved from old buildings.  I love the flaws and history associated with recycled timber and believe this adds something special to each piece.  Joining it all together with the amber resin gives the timber a purpose.  We all have a story, these pieces do too.  

Australian Hardwoods

The Australian bush is made to survive adversity, able to withstand drought, flood and fire.  In fact many Australian timbers need fire to germinate their seeds.  Fire also clears the bush and allows new growth to flourish.​  I predominantly use Australian Hardwoods to make my Guardian Lights as a tribute to the strength and resilience of the survivors of trauma.  Just like the bush, survivors use their strength, resilience and resolve to overcome the pain and anguish of their trauma. 


Amber Resin 

The use of  amber  resin is a reference to  fire.  The strength and power of something so destructive, that also that brings about new life is something trauma survivors can relate to.   ​Incorporating the amber resin and accentuated with a gentle glowing light bulb, warms the darkness and offers hope.  


Small or Travel Buddy - Measuring about 100mm x 100mm, this is a convenient size to put in your luggage when going away on holiday or business and you want the comfort of a Guardian Light during your travels.

Medium -the perfect bedside table size, measuring between 150mm and 200mm high.  This light is large enough to comfort you at night, yet not too much to be cumbersome.

Large - standing about 300mm high, this light is suited to a lounge or open area.

Choose from my available stock or commission your very own special piece with your choice of wood, shape and resin colour.

Prices starting at:

Small / Travel $100 (plus postage)

Medium $150 (plus postage)

Large $200 (plus postage)

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