• Matt Lewis

Fireplace Mantel Shelf for Canberra clients

I had the pleasure of making this 2 metre, timber Mantel Shelf out of American White Oak for a lovely couple in Canberra.

What seems to be a simple piece of timber hides some nifty little features.

The timber was sanded smooth but not to a glossy finish. The clients wanted to be able to run their hands over the wood and feel some of the grain and details of the timber. It was finished with Danish Oil, which will protect the surface, is easy to maintain, and is more of a natural finish.

American White Oak is a beautiful timber with some marvellous grain and features with colours ranging from honey blonde to a chocolate brown.

The underside is rebated so that it sits neatly over the top of the fireplace surround and has 6 adjustable 'feet' so that the Mantel can be levelled and not rock.

The rebate has a chamfered edge , which is designed to allow airflow under the Mantel to avoid the top potentially drying out, which will cause cupping, twisting or warping. The chamfered rebate and the 'feet' also allow for the natural movement of the timber throughout the seasons.

As a gift to the clients, I made a nice little box with the offcuts of the American White Oak and paid a little tribute as thanks to their service to our Nation.

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